Other offshore jurisdictions

We are part of a Fidelity Overseas Group of Registered Agents offering offshore company incorporation not only in the British Virgin Islands but also in other popular jurisdictions. Our affiliated offices are operating in two other reputable and popular offshore centres – Seychelles and Belize.

BVI is probably the most popular jurisdiction in the world which may suit to most clients, but still there may be some reasons why you may wish to choose an alternative offshore domicile for incorporation. Exactly in this case, if you find out that BVI is not the best choice for your offshore incorporation needs, we can recommend you to consider incorporating in Seychelles, Gibraltar or Belize.

Our affiliate Seychelles and Belize offices are working in the same regime as our headquarters providing wide range of high quality services, which include licensed company formation, Registered Agent and company management services in Seychelles and Belize offshore jurisdictions, professional assistance with quick and cost-efficient registrations of offshore companies. If you are interested in these services, you can check out the following links to the sites of our affiliate offices. These pages contain very short description of the main corporate features, offshore company types and services available from our Seychelles, Gibraltar and Belize offices.

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