About Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a well-known European offshore centre. The country is situated on the tip of the Iberian Peninsula, north of Morocco and south of Spain. Gibraltar is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, UK is responsible solely for the external relations and foreign affairs of the territory.

Gibraltar is a full member of European Union and it retains complete independency from the UK in the matters of taxation.

The population of Gibraltar is approximately 30,000. Gibraltar enjoys excellent air, sea and land communications. Gibraltar is modern and highly developed European offshore financial centre, with British Pound Sterling as the official currency.

Gibraltar non-resident companies

The Gibraltar non-resident company is not subject to any taxation in Gibraltar if it is owned, managed, controlled and operated outside Gibraltar, does not trade in Gibraltar and does not receive any income inside the jurisdiction.

The Gibraltar non-resident company enjoys no-tax status, it does not fall under the Gibraltar tax system and should not be registered for taxation purposes. The non-resident company does not pay capital gains taxes, estate taxes, gift taxes, wealth taxes or VAT. Gibraltar non-resident company is the most effective European offshore vehicle which is suitable for most kinds of offshore trading and investment activities, particularly those conducted in Europe.

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