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Some "sensitive" words may require special license or approval. These words are: Bank, Financial, Insurance(s), Assurance, Fund, Group, Europe, British, National, International, Immigration, Authority, Association, Club, Council, Directors, Trust, Foundation, Savings, Commodities, Brokers, Credit, Nominee.
offshore company incorporation

The type of business the Company will engage in

Please provide, in all possible detail, the information about the nature of the business to be undertaken, the estimated annual turnover, from what sources the start-up of the company will be funded and the estimated geographical spread of proposed business.
offshore company incorporation


use standard wording of company activities All Companies will have a very broad operational objects clause as standard. It will cover all the usual unlicensed business activities. If you wish to emphasize a particular activity or duty, please specify.
use specific wording of company activities, as specified below:
offshore company incorporation
offshore company incorporation


It is not mandatory for BVI companies to use a company seal. Therefore usually the company is configured to operate without seal. If you wish your company to use the company seal (embossed type), please tick here.
Yes, use Company Seal for this company
offshore company incorporation

Share capital

use standard authorized share capital.
(USD 50,000 divided into 50,000 shares of USD 1,00 par value each)
Companies with an authorized capital up to USD 50,000 pay the licence fee of USD 300 per year. Companies with a share capital over USD 50,000 pay the licence fee of USD 1000 per year.
(only for new incorporations):
offshore company incorporation
share capital:
number of shares:
value of each share:
offshore company incorporation

Shareholders & Director(s)

Please note, that all BVI IBC's are configured with nominee director(s) and shareholder (s). These services are provided by Fidelity Corporate Services Ltd or its subsidiary companies.
offshore company incorporation
I agree to use nominee director's and shareholder's services provided by Fidelity Corporate Services Ltd or its subsidiary companies, according to general terms and conditions of Fidelity Corporate Services Ltd.
offshore company incorporation

Legalisation of company documents

Most official organizations - like banks, business and property registrars, courts, government offices - usually require that all foreign documents be legalized by the Hague Convention 1961 ("Apostille") procedure. Therefore, it is recommended that company documents are notarized and legalized for international use by this procedure.
offshore company incorporation
Please provide the following additional legalisation of documents:
a set of certified copies of all primary documents by Notary and Apostille
Original Certificate of Incorporation directly by Apostille
Other  by Notary by Apostille
offshore company incorporation

Other instructions

offshore company incorporation


Please note that deliveries by courier can not be made to PO boxes. To order delivery by courier, a contract person and an telephone needs to be indicated.
offshore company incorporation
deliver documents by:
deliver documents to:
client as indicated in the next chapter
the following recipient:
full name: 
contact telephone: 
residential address: 
offshore company incorporation

Name and particulars of the Beneficial Owner (Client)

We are obliged by the law to know and be able to identify our client and the beneficial owner of the company. This information is only for our internal file and will be kept confidential at all times, subject to the applicable laws. This information is NOT part of any public record. We will consider the person(s) indicated in this field to be our client(s) and the beneficial owner(s) of the company hereby ordered. We will not take any further instructions in regards of this company from any other persons except the one(s) indicated here.
offshore company incorporation
full name:
residential address:
offshore company incorporation
[!] Due Diligence documentation. We will require a certified copy of passport (or other similar ID), an original proof of address and a bank or professional reference for each person indicated here. A proof of address is any recent document where the name and residential address of the person is indicated. A recent utility bill, landline telephone bill, credit card or bank statement or other similar document is suitable as a proof of address. We will require the same documentation for all Directors and Shareholders indicated above.
[!] Please also print the Terms & Conditions document. The Terms & Conditions is effectively a services contract between You and Fidelity Corporate Services Ltd. Please fill the Terms & Conditions with Your information, sign and return to us together with the Due Diligence documentation as mentioned above.
offshore company incorporation

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