Double Taxation Treaties

The main objective of double tax avoidance treaties is to remove or reduce the level of taxation on certain transactions, which can take place between residents of both member countries. However, jurisdictions that make active use of offshore treaties very often may be considered partly offshore, that means, offering reduced level of taxes instead of a complete tax exemption.

The British Virgin Islands do not belong to those: this is a typical non-treaty offshore jurisdiction with zero corporation and income taxes, so there is not much amounts to reduce and consequently less interest to other countries to conclude a double tax avoidance treaty. It can be assumed that the concept of double taxation does not apply in the BVI because of total exemption from taxes. However, BVI is a party to two very old double tax agreements with Japan and Switzerland, which were applied to the BVI through the provisions of two UK treaties. These UK treaties have already been superseded but the old agreements technically remain in force. Actually, these treaties are not used.

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