Our Services

As the offshore service provider we must offer various optional services which enhance the confidentiality and functionality of the offshore company. Bank account introductions are one of them, along with provision of individual and corporate directors, nominee shareholders, mail and fax forwarding services, document custody and re-mailing services, etc.

If you wish us to assist you with opening bank account for your offshore company, please feel free to contact us with a more detailed information on your banking requirements, and we just might be able to offer you a reliable bank which suits exactly your circumstances and needs.

Also please note that the bank account introduction fee (as quoted in our fees schedule) is not a fee payable for bank account opening. Payment of this fee does not guarantee that the bank opens the account. This fee is payable for a professional service provided by us during the introduction of a client to a particular bank: the provision of and the assistance with the completion of bank account application forms, support and advice during the compiling of the client Due Diligence informaton and documentation, assistance with submitting the account opening application file to the bank.

However, while we apply all possible effort to determine in advance whether a particular client will be accepted by the bank, we cannot guarantee the success of the account opening for an offshore company. That depends very much on the particulars of the client himself and his business, and banks routinely reject new clients based on their internal reasons and their new client acceptance guidelines.

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